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Valley of the shadow of death




About me? I’m not sure why that matters but allow me to give you a quick rundown. My degree is in music and I haven’t used it except for playing in a few bands and doing some music for The Second City Comedy Club in Vegas. My advanced degree is in theology which I have used as a pastor in Minnesota, Nevada, Wisconsin and now Michigan. I have also used that degree as a professor at Waldorf University.


The role I play that is most important to me is that of husband and father. I know that is cliche, but at least in my case it really is true.


That is a bit about me…please ‘subscribe’ to this BLOG, introduce yourself, and offer up a thought to post that might encourage conversation and thought. Though I will clearly have a bias in my own opinions, this BLOG is not meant just for those who agree with me. 


Ultimately, this BLOG will revolve around community. Your input, all input, is welcome. This is not to be a conversation in a bubble, but rather (and hopefully) one that honestly forces all of us to broaden our horizons and expand our experience if only a little bit. So please…jump in, offer up, and share your thoughts and your questions…

Sea of Galilee



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